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We believe in empowering you and getting you back in control of your pain, injury or condition, whether it is a new issue or something persistent. Everyone deserves good, honest advice - let us give you that.

Exercise Physiology

Struggling with health issues like persistent pain, diabetes, or osteoporosis? Our Exercise Physiology services at The Biomechanics are tailored to meet diverse health needs, offering a supportive path to improve your overall well-being.

NDIS Support

At The Biomechanics our team are highly qualified and experienced practitioners with a passion for helping you get to your goals. Our aim is to provide you with support, guidance, education and a plan to keep you moving.

About us

At The Biomechanics, our mission is to provide exceptional, evidence-based care focused on optimal outcomes rather than patient volume. We strive to offer the same quality of advice and treatment we would give to our own family members, ensuring trust and integrity in every interaction.

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Outcome-Focused Care: Our success is measured by patient outcomes, not by how full our schedules are.
Integrity and Trust: We provide advice and treatment as if our patients were our own family members.
Evidence-Based Practice
: We stay current with contemporary literature to offer the best possible care.
Patient Education
: We believe in empowering patients with knowledge and explanations based on the latest research.
Movement Optimism: Injury and ill health aren’t fun, but recovery doesn’t have to be dreary. We find joy in movement and life, promoting a positive approach to rehabilitation.

More About Us
  • We promise to care about you and provide the best advice we can.
  • We promise to listen to your story and welcome you into our community.
  • We promise to ensure you understand your injury and have a clear path to your goals.
  • We promise to motivate and support you throughout your journey.
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Rediscover your vitality with tailored treatments and expert guidance. At The Biomechanics, we’re dedicated to helping you feel your absolute best.

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Why Choose Us

What makes our team and clinic so different?

Our advice?

We aim to give valuable and high quality advice and guidance above and beyond just the appointment. This is because we see value in long term changes that sustain your quality of life.

Your story, your goals, your plan.

In our consultations, we start with "Tell us your story." We listen and discuss your session's outcome in detail, ensuring you leave with a personalized plan. We won't advise stopping activities you love unless necessary.

No Up-selling

At The Biomechanics, we prioritise your well-being over profit. We understand that when you’re sick, tired, or desperate, you can be vulnerable to being sold unnecessary treatments. We are committed to providing genuine support, not taking financial advantage. Our focus is on treatments that align with your goals and our professional recommendations.

We encourage regular movement and physical activity, whether with us or independently. Most people stay with us because they appreciate our supportive environment and the accountability we provide. Join us because you want to, not because you feel obligated.

Embracing Inclusivity

At The Biomechanics, we are dedicated to providing compassionate healthcare that supports everyone, regardless of culture, disability, gender, or nationality. We strive to create a welcoming environment where all individuals feel valued, respected, and supported. Our commitment is to offer genuine care that promotes acceptance and helps everyone on their journey to wellness.