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Are you ready to take your cycling game to the next level? Look no further than a bike fit! A bike fit is like a personal styling session for your two-wheeled steed, and it's just as important as finding the perfect pair of jeans for your body type. Whether you've just bought a bike for the first time (or you've just added a third bike to your collection because one is an aero bike and the other is a climbing bike, and you want to start riding on gravel – hey, no judgement here!), you'll probably want to start riding it as much as possible!


Once you get going, you might feel the general discomforts that come with a new bike or way of moving your body (especially if you haven't ridden for a long time or if this is your first road bike). Over time your body will get used to things like the pressure of the saddle or soreness from increasing your activity levels.


If you've bought a new bike, your local bike shop might have been kind enough to take a few measurements of your height and inseam and set up your seat height before sending you off to enjoy your new wheels. If you're lucky, they might have even taken the time to adjust the height after having you ride around the block to see what's comfortable.



These changes are a good starting point, so if you're feeling comfortable enough and just getting used to riding, you probably don't need to worry about finding the perfect position straight away. It is a good idea to take some time to get used to riding your new bike, as it will all feel different to what you're used to.


However, if you are unsure about your set-up, if you are feeling rather uncomfortable from the get-go, or if you even have some physical problems you are currently dealing with which are preventing you from riding as much as you'd like to, you might benefit from having a professional bike fit with one of our experienced bike fitters.


A professional bike fit session is a great opportunity to ensure that your bike is properly fit to your body, which can improve your comfort and performance while riding.

So, what happens in a fully comprehensive bike fit? Firstly - we spend at least 90 minutes with you to thoroughly assess both you and your bike. This includes taking measurements and observing your riding style to determine potential issues. We will also take into account your training history, any injuries or physical problems you may have, and your goals for your cycling performance. 

Whether you are riding a brand-new bike or one you bought from someone else, we can adjust to optimise the fit for your body. We may also make recommendations for new equipment or accessories to improve your comfort and performance. This is especially the case if you have bought a second-hand bike. The odds are that the person you bought it off has the seat height, angle, fore-aft and reach measurements all set up to what is comfortable for them. You'll likely have different body measurements, so their current position may not be right for your comfort and efficiency.

We also use video analysis as part of our bike fit sessions, and this allows us to closely examine your riding technique and identify any areas for improvement. We aim to help you achieve the perfect fit for your body and bike, so you can ride confidently and enjoy all the benefits of cycling.

If you are experiencing pain while riding, we will also address all other factors away from the bike that may be contributing to your current situation and provide some recommendations to assist you.

Overall, you should leave your bike fit session feeling more confident and comfortable on the bike. When you are comfortable on your bike, you are more likely to enjoy rides and want to do it more often. Regular rides can help you build endurance, improve your technique, and reach your goals, whether they are; keeping up when you are outriding with your kids, riding a mega 300kms 'Around the Bay', or hunting Strava segments for bragging rights amongst mates.

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