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Amidst all the craziness of the holiday period and the new year, you probably found yourself thinking about your plans for the year and have set yourself some resolutions. With some researchers stating that 80% of our resolutions fail by February and that only 8% of people achieve their resolutions, you’d think we’d catch on and realize there’s probably something else we should be trying.

For all you resolution-setters (myself included), it’s most likely time to look into the time-tried practice of goal-setting. I know, you’ve probably heard everyone from your boss, to your mother, to your high-school teacher, rant on about the importance of proper goal setting. It turns out that most of them had a point!

Resolutions tend to focus on all or nothing and usually focus on what we don’t want to do, rather than what we do want to do. On the other hand, well-planned goals can help direct your focus and attention, help you remain persistent and increase your confidence, as well as helping you develop problem-solving strategies. Who wouldn’t love all of that?

Research conducted within sports psychology has suggested that even some of the world’s best athletes have clear, simple and targeted daily goals. It’s because of their goal-setting practice that they learn how to connect these little, daily goals to their long-term goals and dreams.

So, have I got you all on board now? You’re probably asking, “Victoria, tell us the secret to goal-setting?” No, you’re not? Well, I’m going to tell you anyways.

Make sure your goals are specific and challenging.

By setting goals that are detailed, measurable and just beyond your reach, your performance is more likely to improve than some general ‘I want to work out more’ goal. Don’t set the bar too high though! If your goals are a tad too intimidating, you may be setting yourself up for failure.

Think positive

Where resolutions fail, and goals often don’t, is that they focus on the things you want to stop doing, or cut out of your life, the negatives. By framing your goals positively and by focusing on what you’d like to do more of, eat more of, include more of in your life, you’re much more likely to enjoy striving to achieve the goal. If you enjoy yourself while doing it, you’re probably more likely to achieve it, don’t you think?

Write it down

Put your pen to paper and plan out those goals. Stick them where you can see them often, on your microwave, your mirror, your laptop. These little reminders will help keep you accountable and keep your goal at the top of your mind.

Find a buddy

By setting goals with a friend, particularly when they come to health and fitness, striving to achieve the goal becomes that little bit easier. There’s someone there to help you feel accountable, to whine about when you lack a little motivation and someone to have fun with along the way.

If my wise words have inspired you to take charge and set yourself some damn good goals, let us know! If your goals are to do with your health, fitness, and wellness, and you’re feeling a little lost, get in touch! We’d love to have a chat and help you get on your way to smashing those goals.

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