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With an abundance of fun-runs and sporting events to choose from, there’s so many reasons you may choose to sign up. Maybe you wanted to get moving more and signing up for an event keeps you accountable. Maybe you’re already active and want to challenge yourself. Maybe you just want to raise some money for charity.

Read below for some tips to help you get ready for your next fun-run or event.

Have a training plan

Follow a training plan for 9-12 weeks prior to your even that builds you up gradually and tapers you off before the race. You still need to be consistent with your training. Plan ahead and schedule it in!

If you need help developing a training plan, an exercise physiologist or a trained exercise professional can come up with a personalised plan, helping you best prepare for your event.

Eat well and sleep well

Having most likely increased your training level, it’s so important to help your body rest and recover. Two ways to do this is by eating well and making sure you’re getting quality sleep.

Don’t try to over train at the last minute

A lot of people will make the mistake of overtraining in the week leading up to the event. Your body will need time to rest and recover, which will help avoid stress injuries and prevent exhausting yourself.

Have fun

Remember that you’ve signed up for a fun run- key word there being ‘fun’. The event is meant to be enjoyable and have a positive environment and be suitable for all fitness level. Don’t get too caught up in the training and the pressure to run a good time, sign up with some friends and enjoy the experience.

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