Chief Canine Relaxation Officer & K9 Therapist-in-Training

Services I provide include:

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Luna: Chief Canine Relaxation Officer & K9 Therapist-in-Training

🐾 Breed: Golden Retriever
🎾 Hobbies: Swimming in her water bowl, recreational destruction, professional cuddling
👩‍⚕️ Specialty: Pawsitive Reinforcement and Emotional Heeling

About Me:

Hello, hoomans! My name is Luna, and I take my job here very paw-sitively. When I'm not busy doing laps in my kitchen pool (read: spilling my water bowl), you can find me working hard to destroy, er, I mean "test" the durability of our facility's chew toys. Let's just say, if your knees have as much resilience as these toys, you're in excellent shape!


  • PhD in Pawsychology from the University of "Good Girls and Boys"
  • Certified in Advanced Cuddling and Napping Dynamics
  • 2x Gold Medalist in the Squirrel-Chasing Olympics (Don't ask about the bronze year; it's a sensitive subject)

Services Provided:

If you're in need of some emotional support or just want to ramp up your endorphin levels, I'm your girl! Whether it's an encouraging wag of the tail or a therapeutic cuddle session, I've got you covered. We even offer a special K9 therapy session where you can learn from my infinite wisdom on how to properly scratch your back on any furniture and how the squirrel is absolutely an enemy spy.

🚨 Disclaimer: Participants in the K9 therapy may find themselves covered in "Fur Sprinkles of Love™" that could last several wash cycles. This is my way of sending you home with a little extra TLC (Tender Luna Cuddles).


"Luna's therapeutic cuddles are second to none. Also, I've learned so much from her K9 therapy session. Now I know exactly what to do when I see a squirrel!"
—Dr. John, Physical Therapist

"I came in for a back adjustment and left with a renewed spirit, courtesy of Luna. My black pants are now also a beautiful shade of golden retriever, which I consider a fashion upgrade."
—Emily, Satisfied Human


I may be a busy girl (I've got chew toys to destroy and water bowls to empty, after all), but I'll always make time for you! Schedule your "Paws-on" therapy session today and let's make your day a bark-tastic one!

Book your time with Luna now and make your rehab journey infinitely more cuddly!

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