Want to look good naked?

We all have different needs and requirements for our health and wellness. We are all motivated by different rewards and goals- whether it’s to look good naked, to bulk up, to make some friends or to improve your strength and fitness. We’ve got something for everyone. 


Personal Training

We all need a little push in the right direction to help us achieve our health and wellness goals. What better than way by joining us and training with some of the most qualified and passionate personal trainers you can find.

Most of our trainers come from an exercise science background, with many of them having gone on to complete further studies in allied health, such as physiotherapy, exercise physiology, podiatry and osteopathy. With a passion for development and staying ahead of the curve, we offer a no bullshit approach to your training, coming up with an individualised program that will see you smashing your goals before you know it. 



Pilates is an extremely flexible exercise system and with a little guidance from The Biomechanics, you’ll be getting a workout that best suits you and your body. You’ll be provided with specific and individualised modifications to cater to your ability, and as your ability increases, so does the intensity, to make sure you’re continually challenged and improving.

We offer two different ways to get your Pilates fix- Clinical Pilates and Small Group Pilates. 


Gym Membership

Maybe you know what you’re doing and just need some space? With low member levels to keep down the crowding, smiling faces from our team and assistance whenever needed (just ask us!), a gym membership at The Biomechanics is all you need to move better. With specifically selected equipment and supportive staff, bundled into a clean, light-filled and motivational space with (debatable) good tunes for you to enjoy while working out, you’ll be feeling fitter and stronger in no time!