Love everything! Staff are extremely knowledgable, caring, friendly and committed to helping their clients. Hands down the best health service I’ve found and I’ve tried a lot!
— Ashleigh, Neurological Pain

Happy Clients


I’ve carried an injury around for 10 years and finally I feel like I’ve found a place that offers the quality of care that is actually making a big difference!

— Flynn, Back Pain

Science-backed treatment by physiologists who are clearly also athletes. You cant beat actual experience to supplement biomechanical understanding.

— David, baseballer

Sessions are challenging, interesting and fun. You keep me motivated to continue even when I've done something stupid and pain levels are high. I've achieved more strength, fitness and spinal stability in the last 2 years than the previous 15 or more in a way that is safe and sustainable. Thank you! 

— JF

The atmosphere in the gym is always positive and enthusiastic.  Everyone is working hard but still laughing and enjoying themselves.  Just a really good vibe around the place, which makes you want to come back again and again. 

— MC


Outstanding service. PT's really listen and understand each individuals needs. I never thought I would look forward to exercising. I never did until I came across The Biomechanics. Thank you. 

— DW

Highly skilled, qualified and personable trainers.  Great at what they do, motivating and understanding to each client's individual needs.

— JB

Besides getting a 7 year issue under control in 45 minutes?  Friendly with great customer service/attitude/price. 


Clean facilities, pleasant helpful staff, caring practitioners that follow up with me. 

— LT