what does our community have to say?

Sessions are challenging, interesting and fun. You keep me motivated to continue even when I've done something stupid and pain levels are high. I've achieved more strength, fitness and spinal stability in the last 2 years than the previous 15 or more in a way that is safe and sustainable. Thank you! -JF

Everyone has been really welcoming and friendly, and the level of knowledge and care displayed is extraordinary. -SS

Besides getting a 7 year issue under control in 45 minutes?  Friendly with great customer service/attitude/price. - AS

Outstanding service. PT's really listen and understand each individuals needs. I never thought I would look forward to exercising. I never did until I came across The Biomechanics. Thank you. - DW

Friendly and relaxed atmosphere, welcoming to all levels of fitness and experience. Group sessions are hard work but lots of fun! - EW

Clean facilities, pleasant helpful staff, caring practitioners that follow up with me. - LT

Courteous, they work closely with you suit my needs, program and care designed specifically for me - AM

Very friendly and professional instructors - SW

Alannah was fantastic. Really friendly, talked me through everything and even sent me through a txt the next day to see how I was going. - EG

Very thorough and friendly - EN

The atmosphere in the gym is always positive and enthusiastic.  Everyone is working hard but still laughing and enjoying themselves.  Just a really good vibe around the place, which makes you want to come back again and again. - MC

Highly skilled, qualified and personable trainers.  Great at what they do, motivating and understanding to each client's individual needs. -JB

Professional. Staff really seek to target problem areas. Friendly. - BS

Great environment, friendly knowledgeable staff - BC

The Biomechanics team are very professional and extremely knowledgeable. I would certainly recommend their services. - KS

Brendan is simply brilliant and took 15 minutes to assess an issue that had been plaguing me for over 10 years! - DW

Practical, gets results and super friendly - JM

Friendly staff who are very experienced and knowledgeable.  Karina always makes her sessions fun even when my body is screaming no more - AW

Brendan is very understanding and approachable. He seems really attuned to determining where a client 'is at' and tailoring a program that is suitable to the individual - AL