Soccer or "Football" for the traditionalists is a multifaceted sport. High levels of agility, endurance, speed and power are required, in addition to ball skills and balance. At The Biomechanics we can train these skills to ensure our athletes perform to their highest physical and mental ability on the field. With all of our athletes individual programs are created and periodised specifically to address the athletes body, their competition dates and the athletes goals. Read more from one of our soccer athletes, Daniel who has just been signed to an Italian team, below.

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Dan, tell us about you, your soccer and what level you are currently playing/competing? 
Currently I am playing my soccer at club level here in Victoria, I am playing for Hume city. For the past two years prior to this year I played my soccer for the state team of Victoria but declined my offer this year because of my plans in the near future. I am preparing along with the biomechanics team to work towards my next year soccer plans overseas.

What are you currently training for and working towards? 
As briefly mentioned in the above question I am actually working towards big plans next year. I have been accepted and given the opportunity to take my soccer to the next level. I am working towards preparing to play for Sampdoria a club located in the north of Italy in the region of Genova.

What is your highest achievement?
My highest achievement so far would be representing the state team at a national event. The state championship was a really great experience, the other high achievement for me would be being accepted into the club in the Italy next year. 

What initially brought you to The Biomechanics Elite Sports Consulting? 
The moment that initially brought me to working with the biomechanics team was an unfortunate fracture to my ankle earlier this year. The biomechanics were also recommended to myself by a friend of mine Wade Spencer. 

What kind of training have you been doing with The Biomechanics? 
At the beginning of my training I began in the rehabilitation stage. I overcame multiple challenging yet fun exercises to strengthen up the area of my fracture along with muscles surrounding so that I could continue in a positive way with my sport. The training process that I have been undertaking at the current stage of my progress is a further intense and scientific personal training. Through this we have been doing lots of base fitness, agility work, strength work building my body up according to the needs of my sport and various intense work outs. 

What have you enjoyed the most about your training? 
To be completely honest I have enjoyed every minute of the training. I have enjoyed the strength work because it has helped me begin to build my body up with good muscle. I have also enjoyed getting outside and working hard in the sun while the instructor pushes me to always give more. I have also really enjoyed the occasional, massage session and release session, allow they are occasionally painful I feel great after them. One last point on why this training is so enjoyable for me is purely because the staff are really nice, down to earth and outgoing people making it much easier for me to communicate with them when I need help or have something wrong. 

What have you disliked the most about your training?
I honestly haven’t disliked anything at all. The whole process from the beginning to now have been a working and positive process.

What is one thing you have learnt about since starting your training with The Biomechanics?
The one thing I have learnt about since straining this training is that hard work is temporary if you are wanting to improve. Without hard work and effort results will not appear.