Each and every one of us is completely different when it comes to our needs and goals for our health and wellness. We’re all motivated by different rewards and wants and we have different underlying reasons to explain why these goals are important to us. We’ve kept that all in mind when developing our Small Group Personal Training to ensure that each and every client feels that they’re on achieving their goals, no matter what they are. 

In your sessions, you’ll be run through your own personalised program alongside a few other people. We’ve capped these classes at 4 people to ensure you get the benefits of training in a group, without taking away from any assistance or encouragement you may need from the trainer.

At the beginning of each month, you’ll be run through a results session which will help you see the progress you’re making and give us an opportunity to develop a new program to keep things fresh and exciting! Combining a discussion, self-assessment and body composition and strength testing, provides you with a holistic picture of your progress and will ensure you’re on the right track and act as a reminder for your reasons behind training and to keep you motivated.

Convinced yet? Here's how to get moving!

  • Book in your inital 60-minute health assessment and consultation
  • You'll be asked to complete some forms or purchase your package before your first session here
  • Attend your first session
    • This is where you'll get to know us, and we'll get to know you, get to work on understanding your goals and take some baseline measurements to track your progress
  • From there, our trainers will develop a program specifically for you based on your goals and how often you'll be training a week
    • WIth over 20 classes a week to choose from, you're bound to find a time that suits you



Why us?

To put it simply- we care about you.

For us, exceeding your expectations and making sure you’re smashing your own goals is engrained in everything we do. We’re passionate about getting moving and we’re there for you every single step of the way.

We take the time to understand who you are and what you need, and delve into your story and the reasons behind your goals, to help foster positive beliefs about your health and abilities, and ultimately, to help you live better. 



Initial Assessment (60 minutes): $110, or complimentary if you sign up to our program (limited time only)

1 session a week: $44 each

2 sessions a week: $37.50 each

3 sessions a week: $33 each 


Our Facilities

We've carefully selected the best equipment to help you train better, move better and reach your goals in no time. You'll find your favourites among our equipment, as well as some less common options, including:
•   Cardio equipment, such as our treadmills, bikes and rower
•   Skillmill
•   Skierg
•   Pilates equipment, such as our reformer, trap table and wonder chair
•   Strength training equipment and weights

Our testing equipment, used regularly in our results sessions, will help you see the progress you've made in your training. You'll find the following testing equipment at The Biomechanics:
•   Inbody 770 Body Composition Scales: trusted by top hospitals and used for medical research, patient monitoring, sports medicine and science, these scales provide incredibly precise and in-depth results in less than two minutes}
•   NordBoard: a fast, easy and accurate system for monitoring hamstring strength and imbalance
•   GroinBar: an easy way to test hip abduction and adduction strength, as well as a host of other muscle groups
•   HumanTrak: a one-of-a-kind movement analysis system that combines data from a 3D depth-sensing camera and IMU sensors on the body to provide information about your movement and biomechanics