RACGP Back Pain Course

Why This Course?

Approximately 80% of Australians will endure back pain at one point in their life time with a point prevalence has been shown to be 10-26% at any one time. 14% of these complaints are chronic in duration. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is estimated to burden healthcare as of 2001 by $9.1 Billion and has increased substantially since despite NHMRC guidelines suggesting early MRI leads to poorer patient outcomes. Surgical Interventions including discectomy, laminectomy and fusions have also all increased in prevalence. Opioid prescription for back pain has also shown a dramatic increasing trend. Despite, the upward trends in these interventions, and increased burden on our healthcare system the prevalence of back pain has only increased. A number of areas for improvement of management have been evidenced in the literature. Further literature suggests that only 34% of primary care practitioners feel comfortable managing patients with chronic pain, with 82% reporting they felt their medical training was inadequate for this population. Furthermore, it has been shown that 37.5% of adult visitations for primary care are chronic pain in nature, suggesting that an increased focus on pain science and bridging the science/practitioner/patient gap is required. 

The incorporation of a systematic approach to assess and provide interventions that address bio, psycho and social contributors is evidenced. This course will take you on that journey in a fun, practical and discussion filled day.

Your Learning Outcomes:

  • GP's will understand red flag and contraindicated presentations to ensure appropriate management be sourced using a systemised approach.

  • Basic screening of biomechanical pain, and understanding of the best prognostic factors to prescribe simple movement advice, without iatrogenic consequences

  • GP's will have the skills to understand basic screening of psychosocial elements contributing to back pain and when these factors are required to be addressed

  • GP's will understand when a referral is necessary, to whom a referral is most appropriate and what to expect when referring.

  • GP's will be able to determine when diagnostic imaging is appropriate, and when surgical intervention referral to specialist may be indicated.



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