Online Learning

During your placement you will be required to work through the following material. Your placement supervisor will help guide you to any other relevant resources so that you get the most out of your placement. Follow our Biomechanics Education Facebook Page to get more content and information on our other future education courses. Enjoy!


Peter o'sullivan

Dr. Peter O'Sullivan uses a case study to help illustrate the use of cognitive functional therapy approaches to back pain. 



Dr. Jeremy Lewis talks what we do and don't do about the shoulder.


BErnard Roth

Bernard Roth from Stanford University gets philosophical and talks about problem solving and how to ask the right question. Think about problems you've had with clients in the past suffering from musculoskeletal pain where you may have been asking the wrong question.


Lorimer moseley

Dr. Lorrimer Moseley talks about pain science and what we know about how pain works. 


For further resources, click the link below. You will need to have a dropbox account set up to access these files.