Luke Postlethwaite, among other things, is the holder and keeper of The Biomechanics Vision, Mission and Values. Founding the business in 2010, he didn't foresee the path this business would take. With an initial aim of being able to help his clients move and feel better, this business has grown into something so much bigger, with a vision of positively changing healthcare worldwide. 

Luke is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist with Exercise and Sports Science Australia. With experience dealing with a variety of conditions and complaints, Luke has a particular passion for helping people with chronic or difficult conditions. He loves working with people who have been told that there's nothing left the healthcare system can do for them.  

Some of Luke's notable experience includes: 

  • Educator in Clinical Pilates at Breathe Education
  • Sport Science Cadetship - Western Bulldogs
  • Head Coach - Brunswick City Baths Triathlon Club
  • VP National Cycling Team - Team Seight
  • Sessional Lecturer Resistance Training– Victoria University

What do you love about your job?
Getting to work with an amazing team who genuinely passionate about helping other people see the world in a different way so that they can lead a healthier happier life.
I'm so passionate about being true to our values, and pride myself on having created an ethical health practice that doesn’t leverage vulnerabilities by using fear as platform to make a profit. We've created a place that not only our customers, but also our team look forward to coming to- a place, where everyone knows your name (see song from Cheers, you'll get it). 

What are some of the challenges you have? 
In order to positively change the healthcare system, we've had to shake things up a little. It's been difficult at times to challenge the status quo of quick fixes and therapeutic expectations that are based on out-dated or questionable research. 
What are some of your most noteworthy achievements?
A beautiful partner I am still not sure how I landed her- clearly batting above my average. My son Riley he turned out ok… Ha ha no he is awesome in everyway so I take some credit for that. I am extremely proud of this business and believe it to be noteworthy in my life and hopefully more peoples lives as we grow and help more people.
I have ran 100kms in one go that was tough and challenged what I thought I could do. I have also finshed a couple of Ironman triathlons, which are no small feat that I am also proud of.
Tell us about some of your personal or career goals?
I was voted at the end of year 12 to be most likely to end up on a reality TV show, so I probably need to sit down and think about that one some more. Career wise- I want build a business and a brand that is associated with good feelings for anyone who interacts with it.

Advice for people who are looking to get moving more and living better?
Motion is lotion- there is no magic exercise, manipulation or workout. Find someone or something that you trust will allow to have fun but keep you accountable and keep you moving that eventually you will identify with.  Being healthy and living better is not a something you do avoid negative consequences it’s about embracing your life as a healthy person. More on that in a blog or video its hard to put in words.
What does our purpose, mission, values mean to you?
I think I have kind of already spoken about this, it dictates every decision I make. My accountant hates me for it too. Not only is having something bigger than us to think about it process of pushing ourselves outside of comfort zone to make a change that will one day make someone thankful we existed.
Hobbies and interests outside of work?
Snowboarding in winter once or twice, skiing on the Murray in summer for a week or so and the rest of time normally consists of Ridding one of my 3 bikes or jogging around the joint.
 Anything else you'd like people to know about you?
Although I love pushing my body to its limits every now and again I fully recognise that I may or may not have been dropped as a baby, I’m not the type to try push this on others. Also people a human and need to eat chocolate drink wine and eat out every now again. That’s why I exercise so I can get away with it.