Looking for rehabilitation?

Following some injuries and surgery, you might require further rehabilitation in order to fully regain your function, strength and range of motion. Our practitioners will be able to guide and assist you in an individualised exercise program in order to safely and easily assist you in getting back to better, pain-free movement. 

It is not necessary to bring along a referral, reports or scans from your specialist to begin a rehabilitative program with us, but feel free to bring along anything you may already have. If you have any other questions or concerns about whether rehabilitation with us is the right move, contact us and we’d love to have a chat about your situation and your options.

Some of the common reasons you may need rehabilitation include:

  • Shoulder injuries or surgeries, such as shoulder reconstruction, fractures or rotator cuff repair
  • Elbow, such as a release or fracture
  • Wrist and Hand, such as carpal tunnel release, fractures or tendon repairs
  • Hip, such as hip replacements, arthroscopes and fractures
  • Knee injuries or surgeries, such as knee replacements, ACL and ligament reconstructions, arthroscopes, lateral release and fractures
  • Calf, such as an Achilles tendon repair
  • Ankle and foot, such as ankle reconstruction, arthroscope and fractures
  • Spine, including the neck and back, such as a discectomy or spinal fusion

Who should I see for my rehabilitation?


  • Calf
  • Ankle 
  • Foot 


  • Strains, sprains and tendon injuries
  • Spinal or back 
  • Knee 
  • Hip
  • Shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand