Injured yourself and want to get moving again?

Our practitioners are skilled in treating muscular-skeletal injuries and are passionate about getting you out of pain and moving again. We believe in educating you about your injury and providing you with the tools and knowledge to recover and be pain-free, as well as to prevent any future injuries. 


Our practitioners utilise extensive knowledge and experience in order to guide you through your injury, by helping you understand your injury and any contributing factors or causes. From there, the practitioner will determine the best course of treatment and rehabilitation for your situation, with an aim of pain-free and better movement.

Some of the common injuries we treat include:

  • Joint sprains: knee, ankle, shoulder and finger
  • Muscle strains: hamstring, calf, quadriceps
  • Tendon injuries: Achilles, patella, gluteal tendon pain
  • Bony overuse injuries: such as ‘shin splints’ or stress fractures

who should i see for my injury?


  • Ankle Injuries, such as sprains
  • Foot Injuries, such as stress fractures or achilles injuries
  • 'Shin splints'


  • Acute pain, such as back pain
  • Contact injuries
  • Various strains and sprains
  • Joint sprains
  • Muscle strains
  • Tendon injuries

Exercise Physiologist

  • Any injury preventing you from getting back taking part in sporting activities or exercise
  • Sporting injuries