Are you dealing with a sports injury?

Are you experiencing lower back pain or have some form of chronic pain?

Are you living with a medical condition, such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease or PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)?

The exercise physiologists at The Biomechanics will put you back on track to a healthy, active and pain-free lifestyle.

We're extremely passionate and invested in helping and educating people about their pain, conditions and injuries. We want nothing more than to empower you achieve any health and fitness goals you may have. We pride ourselves in our ethical approach and our honesty about your treatment and outcomes. 


What can you see an exercise physiologist for?

An exercise physiologist can help you with more than you’d probably think:

  • Acute or chronic back pain, such as lower back pain or neck pain
  • Injuries, such as sporting injuries
  • Medical conditions, such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease or PCOS
  • And much more!

Unsure if exercise physiology is for you? Give us a call and we’d love to help!

Here's what to do

Step 1: Book in your initial consultation with one of our exercise physiologists

Step 2: Attend your consultation, and let the exercise physiologist guide you through your session and treatment



How can exercise physiology help you?

We pride ourselves on providing a patient-focused approach incorporating exercise, dietary advice, psychological support and education. You’re never truly alone with a Biomechanic by your side.

Our friendly and professional staff will help you feel relaxed and comfortable. During your first session, our exercise physiologist will assess your needs and then work closely with you to apply the safest and most suitable strategies to help you achieve your health objectives. In addition to achieving short-term benefits, we will collaborate with you and empower you to achieve long-term benefits and self-management. 

At The Biomechanics, we pride ourselves on offering value for money. We want to feel that our service is a good investment in your health. If for whatever reason, you don’t feel satisfied with a session, you don’t have to pay.

No satisfaction. No pay. It’s that simple.


Initial Assessment (60 minutes) and return 60 minute consultations: from $110
Return 30 minute consultations: from $88

Initial Assessment (60 minutes) and return 60 minute consultations with a senior exercise physiologist: from $240
Return 30 minute consultations with a senior exercise physiologist: from $149

The following compensable schemes may be accessed with the appropriate referral or coverage:

  • Private Health Insurance
  • TAC
  • Workcover
  • Department of Veteran Affairs
  • Medicare: referral required from a GP
  • Concession rates are also available on presentation of your government funded concession card

* A 12 hour notice policy for cancellation or rescheduling applies to all appointments and services. Credit card or bank account details will be required at time of booking to secure appointment but will not be charged unless breach of this policy. The fee for cancellation is the full cost of the session, in addition to a $3.30 administration fee.