Want to be one of the best? Then train with the best.

Maybe you're feeling like you could be stronger, or you could be training better, or if something's possibly holding you back from your training?

The Biomechanics Sports Physiologists utilise the latest in evidence-based sports science and research, along with some state-of-the-art testing equipment, to ensure that you're performing at your best as an athlete. 

Our baseline testing procedures will identify any deficiencies while identifying your strengths and chart a course of action to enhance your athletic performance.

We’ll maximise your athletic performance by emphasising functional movement, sport specific strength and power, and enhancing speed and agility specific to your sport. 

Whether you’re aiming to make the winning break at your local criterium or get the upper edge with your football, with our long-term athletic development coaching approach we will provide you the framework for you to reach your physiological potential - the rest is up to you! 

our testing equipment

We've carefully selected an array of state-of-the-art testing equipment, designed to give you a holistic view ofy our progress and alert you of any possible areas for improvement. In our arsenal of testing equipment, you'll find:

  • Inbody 770 Body Composition Scales: trusted by top hospitals and used for medical research, patient monitoring, sports medicine and science, these scales provide incredibly precise and in-depth results in less than two minutes
  • NordBoard: a fast, easy and accurate system for monitoring hamstring strength and imbalance
  • GroinBar: an easy way to test hip abduction and adduction strength, as well as a host of other muscle groups
  • HumanTrak: a one-of-a-kind movement analsys system that combines data from a 3D depth-sensing camera and IMU sensors on the body to provide information about your movement and biomechanics


Partnership: Transit Dance

The Biomechanics has partnered with Transit Dance to offer their staff and students support, education and monitoring throughout their season. With an aim of decreasing their injury rates and days lost to injuries, improving their injury rehabilitation, promoting positive body and health beliefs and creating sustainable dancing careers, we're providing them with the following services:

  • Comprehensive strength and movement testing using our state-of-the-art testing equipment
  • Health and pain science education seminars
  • Teacher training
  • Athlete monitoring through a software that provides holistic and multifactoral information about training load, injuries, as well as internal and external stressors
  • Allied health needs, such as physiotherapy or exercise physiology consultations, with an aim of injury prevention and management

If you're interested in a similar partnership, or want to find out if we can offer something that better suits you, contact us here.