Reconciling Rolfing With Pain Science - A Podcast With Rey Allen

Rey is a Rolfer from the United States and is a big advocate for pain science. He is an admin from the exploring pain science facebook group, runs dermoneuromodulation courses with Diane Jacobs and is currently studying behavioural psychology.

Rey has an interesting story where his background as a Rolfer and the explanations in which he sold were challenged by modern pain science. We discuss the reconciliation of his practice with new evidence; we discuss how this affected his practice and treatment outcomes among many other things.

Should we give patients the treatment they ask for? With Brendan Mouatt and Raphael Bender

patient expectations.png

Raphael Bender (Breathe Education) & Brendan Mouatt (The Biomechanics Education) discuss whether we should provide clients with the treatment they expect, and how to navigate professional relationships with people who are not up to date with current best practice.

Reductionism in Health: A flaw in reasoning

Reductionism - simplifying a complex concept to its more straightforward, fundamental components -  is an attractive way of thinking, particularly when it comes to our health. As clinicians (health care practitioners, whatever), reductionism often helps us to get our head around complex paradigms or processes and has been an important part of the scientific method.  The appeal of ‘reductionist’ thinking has a long history in health care, however, could this simplistic view of human health be limiting our approach to face-to-face healthcare