The Biomechanics have worked with Road, Track and Mountain Bike Cyclists for over a decade. We pride ourselves on bringing the highest level testing equipment to develop the most effective training strategies for our cyclists.  With all of our athletes individual programs are created and periodised specifically to address the individual athletes body, their competition dates and the athlete's goals. Read more from one of our professional level Cyclists, below.

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Meet our Sponsored Rider - Jessica Lane

Hi Jess, tell us about you, how long have you been a cyclist and at what level are you currently competing at?
I started cycling and racing in 2001 after my younger brother Patrick started in the juniors doing track racing. I later had five years away from racing after completing school but was still exposed to a lot of cycling and helped to coach some juniors up in Rockhampton. I moved back to Melbourne at the end of 2012 and got back into racing first with a few crits and track nights. I'm now starting my third season of NRS racing in which I will be guest riding for the NRS team Mercedes Benz Adelaide Blackchrome. Locally I will be competing in the VRS with the Total Rush team. 

You've just finished the Tour down under and the Cadel Evans great Ocean Road Race, what is it you are working towards this season? 
This season I'm planing on doing some more track racing with the Bendigo Madison in March. After that I'm looking at doing Battle on the Boarder before heading off to Holland to race and experience the racing culture in Europe. It will be my first time riding overseas so it's a big step for me, and something I have dreamt of doing for 15 years.

What is your highest achievement/proudest cycling moment to date?
Recently, it was winning the Lightning wheel at Hobart in January which was a good way to start the year. Then there are moments such as the Women's Santos Tour where I was racing and noticed that two girls with worlds stripes around their arms were racing beside me. I felt like I had to pinch myself. It made me realise that I have a lot of people behind me that believe that I can race at an elite level and give me the opportunities too. I love the challenge!

What initially brought you to The Biomechanics Elite Sports Consulting? 
Unfortunately I had 3 big crashes which made me land on my right hip at high speed, and one even involved a truck! I continued to train as I had been for a few months without much pain then during a 100km race I just couldn't push down through my right leg! I was in agony! I finished the race in tears. Something needed to be done fast to fix this as I had some big races coming up. I got in contact with Brendan, who helped me to recover from that injury.

What kind of training have you been doing with The Biomechanics?
Besides from the rehab work for my back and hip we have been working on improving the movement in my ankles and calves so that I can start doing some squats, olympic lifting and plyometrics (box jumps). These will help me to improve my sprinting, both on the track and road racing.

What have you enjoyed the most about your training?
That the sessions are aimed at what I need and that they are adapted to my training and racing load which changes daily. Everything is also thoroughly explained. 

What have you disliked the most about your training?
My love hate relationship with dry needling! It works... And we use a lot of dry needling, but apparently I complain a lot!

What is one thing you have learnt about since starting your training with The Biomechanics?
That Cobras can fix most of my back pain! That latte's aren't just for training rides, and that as a nurse... I have a really bad knowledge of muscular anatomy!