What is Exercise Physiology?

Michael Ferma, one of our exercise physiologists, explores what you can see an Exercise Physiologist for and what to expect.

Exercise Physiologists use their vast knowledge in movement and exercise to assist with client injuries, chronic conditions or ongoing strengthening. Exercise Physiologists utilise evidence based practice to prescribe the most appropriate exercise based treatments for our clients. Each client is treated as an individual and is prescribed tailored exercise specifically for them.

The Role of an Exercise Physiologist in Diabetes Treatment

If you do have diabetes, exercise is an amazing way for you to manage your disease. An Exercise Physiologist can be an extremely useful resource when it comes to incorporating exercise into your lifestyle.Using their immense knowledge in movement and exercise, an exercise physiologist to assist clients with various issues or complaints, and also work closely with clients suffering from a chronic condition.

Blog Series: The ups and downs of weight loss

Even fitness and health professionals have battles with their health. Weight loss and metabolic health isn't always easy. Karina explores her battle with PCOS, weight loss and body image in this open blog series about finding health and feeling great. Join Karina on the start of her adventure back to better health and fitness and learn the keys to goal setting and achieving the health you deserve.

It's The Biomechanics 1st Birthday!

It's been a whole year in our Footscray home and it's time to find out all the goss on your Biomechanic. Thanks to all of our clients who have allowed us to help them with their fitness and rehab whilst creating a fun little community. Enjoy!

Why you can't lose weight and why The Biggest Loser gets it so wrong.

Weight loss is hard, and many of us struggle to achieve or maintain it. So how do we stop setting ourselves up for failure? The biggest loser TV show has deciphered the key to ensure overall failure at weight loss maintenance - let's find out why.

Improve your fertility with exercise and nutrition

“How do I improve the likelihood of conceiving?” It’s a big question for many people. Many explore In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) and Artificial Reproductive Technology (ART) but no matter how you are planning on going about it we do know exercise, diet and lifestyle is one big part of the picture that you can control. Being overweight or obese play a huge role in decreasing the chance of natural and assisted reproduction.