The Role of a Podiatrist in Diabetes Treatment

Diabetes is a systemic disease that affects many different parts of the body, and therefore may requires several different practitioners to treat or manage. People with diabetes experience foot complications due to the damage that diabetes causes to the nerves in the feet, blood circulation, and infection. Due to these adverse effects having diabetes increases the risk of developing foot ulcers and amputations.

James, our podiatrist, explores the importance of foot health, foot checks and a podiatrist in diabetes treatment and management.

The Role of an Exercise Physiologist in Diabetes Treatment

If you do have diabetes, exercise is an amazing way for you to manage your disease. An Exercise Physiologist can be an extremely useful resource when it comes to incorporating exercise into your lifestyle.Using their immense knowledge in movement and exercise, an exercise physiologist to assist clients with various issues or complaints, and also work closely with clients suffering from a chronic condition.