Joint Pain? Chances are it can be fixed quickly!

Joint Pain (1).png

Knee pain, ankle pain, hip pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain, back pain and osteoarthritis pain all have one thing in common – they can really interrupt our everyday activities! Another thing they have in common is that more often than not they are caused by a simple concept called a positional fault. What this means is that your painful joint is only painful because it is no longer in its anatomically normal position. Perhaps this fault is a result of an acute injury that occurred while you were running, twisting, jumping or throwing. Maybe this fault is a muscular imbalance that has developed over time or maybe it is not even painful – you have just lost range of movement in the joint or feel weak. All these symptoms may be explained by the positional joint fault concept. 

So what’s the treatment?
We use a technique called mobilisation with movement. It sounds painful right? After all, that joint we are talking about is making you want to head out to the back paddock... However, when indicated, the treatment is pain free, instantaneous and long lasting. The best bit is the treatment then puts you in control of your recovery by a simple set of exercises to ensure it doesn’t return.

So after I am pain free how do I ensure it isn’t an issue again? 
Well, once we have corrected the positional fault, we can then prescribe the most effective exercises to improve your movement patterns and posture. Following this integration of the exercises back into the movements of your every day life, including ones that you can do at home to ensure the best results. Book your session with a Biomechanics Exercise Physiologist or Physiotherapist who can assess your suitability and get you started on your trek back to pain free movement.