It's The Biomechanics 1st Birthday!

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Today marks our 1-year Birthday of opening up at our own premises in Footscray. It has been a new face to our business since moving from Victoria University, our home for the previous 5 years. The past year has been epic for us here and we want to sincerely thank all of our amazing clients in allowing us to help you achieve your health and fitness goals, rehab your injuries and have an overall better quality of life. It is without a doubt, that your inclusion of us has added extreme value and purpose to all of our lives here at The Biomechanics.

Our Vision of being able to open possibilities for people to have better movement and in turn a better life; and our mission; To be Australia’s most enlightened, progressive but caring health practitioners – is something we take immense pride in and we look forward to continuing to help you and many more people through our community in our upcoming years.

The last year has seen us offering new services such as Podiatry, Physiotherapy, Clinical Pilates in addition to our already existing Personal Training, Exercise Physiology and Group Exercise. Coming soon we also are excited to announce we will have Osteopathy – so we really will be the one stop shop for everything health in Melbourne’s west! We’ve also had a number of great new staff members come on board. So this blog is a little about them… a few things you might not have known about your Trainer/Physio/EP/whatever. Enjoy!


1.     Karina, our practice manager is a mega metal head. This blends well with her nerdy love for fantasy books and terrible movies. She has also completed a full ironman and smashed it. 




2.     Luke (we actually aren’t sure what he does exactly), during our renovations this year he managed to take off half of his thumb with a circular saw. The funny thing is, he is still the handiest of our whole team. I often like to reminisce about the CSI crime scene he left behind afterwards. We keep him around for his occasional wit and so we can see his adorable dog, Georgie 


3. Brendan - Where do we start? A picture is worth a thousand words. 

While Brendan is an amazing exercise physiologist with an empathetic and passionate drive to help his clients, he has a few undesirables that we would like to share.

He has an irrational fear of mushrooms that we constantly like to remind him of, usually by eating them in front of him. His competitiveness has left a few people broken and curled-up in the fetal position and he enjoys wearing wigs in his down time. Want to make him cry? Mention something about his chicken legs....


4.     James – well, he’s a podiatrist. His love of feet is weird but we still accept him. James is actually into the horse racing but every time he shares a tip you’ll be sure that your horse will come last and probably need to be put down afterwards. Currently he is training for an ironman later this year… what an idiot!




5.     Alannah is our newest Physio, she joined our team in August. Alannah has a masters of physiotherapy from Melbourne University, but despite her stellar education she is still a bit of a bogan, likes the V8 supercars more than Trent from Punchbowl, and after a beverage or two (she’s a feather-weight) her vocabulary turns up to sailor status.




6.     Erin is our O.G. (Original Gangsta) Physiotherapist. She is a Cross-fitter. Enough said. It's amazing how she hasn’t completely joined a cult and is still (just) bearable to hang around with. Need a laugh or a friendly chat? Erin is your gal!





7.     Shane is our osteopath – he has been a personal trainer for years and years and these days he is known as the doctor (due to his doctor of Osteopathy). Ask him about his love for dressing up in women’s clothing. It’s definitely happened more than once, there may even be photo proof.


8.     Jess is one of our PT’s, she’s currently studying her masters of Exercise Physiology and will be fully qualified in June. Jess’s background is gymnastics – and it shows when it seems she’s more stable standing on her hands than her own two feet. Next time you see her ask her about her ability (or lack of) to cook. She may or may not struggle with toast. We look forward to the day she is a functional member of society.





9.     Clara is another of our PT’s, she has an undergrad degree in Exercise Science. She is proof that size doesn’t matter – most 12 year olds tower over her but no doubt she can bench press most of them. She’s into motor-cross and anything extreme, just ask her how cool she is… she’ll tell you!


Do you remember our building before we moved in? Remember the dark and rundown music store? Oh how far we have come....

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Building 2.jpeg