API Project High Level Requirements


  1. As a Nookle User, I want to connect my Nookle account to Webflow.
  2. As the business, I need to onboard many Nookle user to connect their accounts to their own Webflow account.
  3. As a user, I want instant responses from Nookle data in Webflow.
  4. As a client, I want to book an appointment from the Webflow Website to Nookle from the Services page or the Specialists page.
  5. As a client, I want to see a list of days and times on the website that are avalible where I can book.
  6. As a returning client, I want to be able to use my mobile number to not have to enter my contact details to book.
  7. As the business, we want to identify returning clients via their mobile number to ensure they are not charged initial consultation feed.
  8. As a business, I need to gather the mandatory fields for Nookle bring First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, Email Address and Date of Birth.
  9. As a Client, I want to choose which store (out of 2) I am booking at.
  10. As the business, we want to present only the services and staff related to the store the user is booking at.
  11. We have 2 locations, as a business, we want people to book at either location through the same system.
  12. **NEW** As a client, I want to see the prices of the services I'm booking. (can only book one at a time and prices come from Nookle)
  13. **NEW** As a business, I want the website to dynamically change the services and location based on Nookle.
  14. **NEW** As a business, I only want the services a specialist can be offered to be displayed.

Requirement 7 means we will need gather the users mobile phone number and feed it live to Nookle Before submitting. If the mobile number exists in Nookle, then pre fill mandatory fields from Nookle data. If no mobile number exists, then we need to display these fields to gather required data.

Here is a basic Flow. A user can book from the services page, staff page or store page (there are 2 shops)

  1. If a user is on a staff profile page, the user can only book services and locations that staff can offer.
  2. If a user is on the services page, the user can only book people and location that offer that service.
  3. If a user is on the store page, the user can only book the people and services offered at that store.
  4. If a user is on the booking page, they can select the store, person and service.

This project needs to cater to bother Nookle and Webflow’s API requirements and authentication services.

This project needs to have a Nooker and Webflow user onboarding process to allow many Nookle and Webflow users to only connect to their services.